We have on-going pre-clinical and clinical development programmes for netazepide, ceclazepide, TR4 and TR8. We are also optimising the bioavailability of ceclazepide using an extensive formulation development programme. Here is our development pipeline:

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* G protein-coupled receptor                   ** orphan drug in Europe and USA
† In collaboration with: William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary University, London; Maastricht University, The Netherlands; and Medical Research Council Technology, London



  • Completed phase 2 studies in type 1 gNETs
  • Ongoing phase 2 studies in Barrett’s Oesophagus and type 2 gNETs
  • Ongoing compassionate use in type 1 gNETs


  • Completed and planned phase 1 studies
  • Completed long-term toxicology studies apart from reproductive toxicology studies, which are in progress
  • Phase 2 and 3 studies in gNETs start in 2018


  • Phase 2 study starts May 2017


  • Phase 1 study starts May 2017