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Trio was established in 2007 by the late Sir James Black and HMR. The original aim was to develop netazepide, a gastrin/CCK2 receptor antagonist, for clinical use. Trio has since grown and is now developing three other molecules: ceclazepide, TR4, and TR8.

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Trio Medicines Ltd (“Trio”) was founded in 2007 by Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR) Ltd, London, UK, a contract research organization and the late Sir James (Jim) Black, the Nobel Laureate who invented two classes of medicines, β-blockers and histamine H2-blockers. The original aim of Trio was to develop netazepide, a gastrin/CCK2 receptor antagonist, for clinical use.  Trio has since grown and is now developing three other molecules: ceclazepide, a second gastrin/CCK2 receptor antagonist; TR4, a selective β2-adrenoceptor antagonist; and TR8, a formyl peptide receptor agonist.

HMR carries out early clinical trials of potential new medicines for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, including all the top companies. HMR is the largest unit of its kind in the UK and one of the largest in Europe.


To date, HMR has funded and carried out all of Trio’s early clinical trials.  We seek a partner for a pivotal phase 3 study of netazepide, and for further studies of ceclazepide.

  • Netazepide is a designated orphan drug for treatment of g-NETs in Europe and the USA.
  • Orphan drugs have 10 and 7 years’ marketing exclusivity, respectively, in those countries, and an extra 2 years for a paediatric indication.
  • Ceclazepide is a novel prodrug with a 20-year patent for treatment of acid-related conditions that offers advantages over existing treatments.
  • The patent for a novel route of synthesis of netazepide and ceclazepide is pending.

To explore a partnership with Trio, please contact us.

Sir James Black pointing at a molecule

Jim Black identifies the structure of netazepide in the floor of HMR